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programs to help RE: KPC 9612

In light of the recent discussions of getting TNCs in/out of KISS mode, I'm reminded of some programs that might help (used to have similar problems with the PK-232...)

Two programs (one I used a good bit back in the day--loadthis.exe--as it was written by my elmer KC4SA for this exact purpose) can be found here:


Another is here:


Both do essentially the same thing---allow you to create a file whose contents are sent out the specified port/params/etc.

With some clever useage of .bat files, you can do LOTS of automation...I have used it to put TNCs IN/OUT of KISS mode, send commands to the TS-790A through the serial port to change bands/frequencies, and so forth.  When used with Wisp and the "schedule events" feature, you can automate your TNC(s) and other devices to do all sorts of things!


Mark L. Hammond    [N8MH]
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