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Ok! APRS on ISS again?

With all the help I've received from everyone, I now have my radio and
computer working , and copying aprs from the ISS. Any orbit over 10 degrees
I copy stations. That's the good news!
Bad news! I cant seem to get my signal into the space station. I'm running
APRS exactly the same when tuned to ISS as I do on the regular aprs
frequency. With the exception of the TNC settings in "Unproto APRSM via"
box. I've tried RS0ISS-3,  RS0ISS-3,sgate,wide. I've tried sending my
position, sending messages to "all", sending messages to specific stations.
Nothing apparently gets there. The radio is transmitting on 145.990 each
time I send. I'm probably getting about 60w at the antenna which should be
way more than enough.  My keps and antenna must be good else I wouldn't be
copying so many packets and stations. My feeling is that I've got something
set wrong in APRS. Probably something simple that I'm missing
My ground aprs runs through a d700,  ISS through a TS2K. The TNC Type in TNC
settings is "Single Port"  No other commands in settings besides the unproto
Any suggestions?? Bill
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