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RE: RE: Anybody can Help me????

Perfect.  Exactly what was needed.

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Perhaps I can clarify a bit:  The Symek 38k4 output doesn't work well, if at
all, for 9600 baud packet (as Bob described).

The TS-790A needs a different output for 9600 baud packet--from the sub-band
discriminator for full duplex operations. I have the two lines coming out of
the TS-790A on different connectors/pins.  This mod may or may not have been
changed during the 38k4 modification on his rig.

Perhaps the following writeup from the AMSAT TAPR DSP-93 project will be
helpful to Enzo, should he need to run another line out of the rig:

If you need to see the mod for 9600 baud packet on the TS-790A (other
vintage satellite rigs) see page 14 of this document:

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