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Re: W8JK passes

Alan P. Biddle wrote:

> John Kraus W8JK has passed away at age 94.  He was the inventor of the
> corner reflector, helix and W8JK antennas.
> We in the amateur community, and especially AMSAT, owe him a great debt.

Inventor, educator and prolific author.  His autobiography is "Big Ear" (2nd
edition) and is required reading for anyone who appreciates how things get
done in this world, and that includes Amsat.  Please read it.  If you already
have it, re-read and be inspired again.  See page 343.

John Kraus was one of the founders of the science of Radio Astronomy, and
his book of the same name is the text where everyone starts out.

His masterpiece "Antennas" has been a cornerstone of the discipline since it
was first published in 1950.  With contemporary editors, it's now in its 3rd
fabulous edition.

All his books are available from Cygnus-Quasar Books; http://www.cqbooks.com

73 de James G3RUH

    James R Miller      WWW/PGP:     http://www.jrmiller.demon.co.uk/
  Cambridge, England   Stardate:        2004 Jul 21 [Wed] 1535 utc
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