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RE; Anybody can Help me???

Enzo, tell me how you modified your radio.  Are you using the SYMEK IFD board?  Just 
where did you install it in the radio?  Do you have a scematic diagram of where you 
placed it?  Did the IFD board come to you with detailed instructions for installing 
it in your radio?  It should be inserted between the 1st IF and the first xtal 
filter.  If this is where you installed it, did you retune the IF circuit just before 
the IFD board and any tuned circuits just between it and the xtal filter using an on 
frequency signal?  Tune for maximum signal.  Caution! DO NOT retune any band pass 
filters in the radio front end.  There may not be any instructions in your service 
manual about retuning them later.  When you insert the IFD board it will probably 
slightly detune the adjacent IF, etc. circuits a bit.

With the IFD board installed and the circuits tweaked up a bit, you should be able to 
use the radio as you normally did on the 9k6 signals.  They are passed through the 
IFD to the xtal filter at unity gain as though the IFD were not installed.  The 38k4 
signals are passed through the IFD board wide band IF circuits to the IFD output to 
your 38k4 TNC.  You may have to slightly adjust the IFD circuits also.

When I bought my IFD board, there were no instructions for installing it in my IC-475 
since the IFD was still very new.  I figured out where it went based on the general 
instructions with the IFD board.  I documented my installation with written 
instructions and color photos and marked schematic diagrams which I made available to 
SYMEK.  You may have received similar instructions for your radio.

73, Roy -- W0SL

Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 19:25:19 +0200
From: " Vincenzo Mone" <vimone@aliceposta.it>
Subject: [amsat-bb] Anybody can Help me????

Hi to the list,
since i made the 38k4baud modification on my TS-790E, I cannot decode
any more the signals a 9k6.I was out of satellites for about a couple of
years for this problem because I thinked that the problem was about my
antennas. I 've been Sunday on the roof and checked the antennas and I
saw it was all ok except a cable that had a false contact. I have
substitute it and thinked that the cable was the problem. So I went down
and waited for the first satellite. The first one was AO-51.I have
noticed that I can hear it but the DCD led on the TNC3S never lights on.
So I waited for the GO-32,i had the same result but this time the led
sometime flicked. Last I tried with UO-22 and I could decode it but just
a frame. Unfortunately I cannot try it on 38k4 because I heard that
there is not any more satellite on air at 38k4.Now I ask anybody can
tell me were can I send the radio so can check ALL THE MODIFICATIONS
whether at 9k6 and whether at 38k4 and make any corrections if needed? I
ask this because first I do not know were to put the hands in the radio
and second I do not have any instruments for the measure. Any help will
be appreciated. Thanks
73 de Enzo IK8OZV.
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