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ts2k in split mode

Thanks to everyone for answering all my questions re: ISS and so50. It
appears that my TS2K my not be operating properly in the split mode, which i
have to use for those sat's. I would appreciaate it if anyone with a TS2K
can confirm this. Below is a copy of a message i posted on yahoo groups
regarding this.
HELP! I think my radio isn't working properly but im not sure.
When i set up freq's in the split mode using the steps in the
manual, the tx freq is on the left, and the rx freq is on the right.
When i tx the freq on the left shifts to the right during tx then
back again. So far alls well. The problem is that i cannot receive
anything on the right(rx) freq. The only way i can get a signal on
the rx freq is to switch a and b ( Rx on the left Tx on the right)
Then the Rx works great. The problem here is when i tx im tx'ing
using the rx freq. THE PROBLEM I think then appears to be the
radios inability to rx on the rx side of a split. I tested this
with a local repeater with a strong signal. Can anyone check their
radio in split and see if they can rx on the right side. If they
can then my radio is BROKE!!!
Thanks Bill
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