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Re[2]: Re: Doppler correction for ISS on FT-847

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> From: Wayne Estes W9AE [mailto:w9ae@earthlink.net] 
> Sent: Monday, July 19, 2004 11:41 AM
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> Subject: [amsat-bb] Re: Doppler correction for ISS on FT-847
> Chow 9W2QC wrote:
> I could not get the doppler tuning function to work for 
> the sub band (tx band) as I understand the FT-847 does not have CAT 
> capabilities for the sub band (maybe I am wrong here).  Therefore, I 
> would like to know how fellow friends here are solving this problem?

Hello friends,

a friend told me about this question here and so i subscribed to this BB
today.  Yes, i know, it is a shame that i was not earlier here, but ...
you know...!

I came across this problem in the early development stage of
FT847-SuperControl. It is simply a problem of the transceiver, because
in satellite mode, the transceiver does not allow to have uplink and 
downlink in the same band. In normal mode, it is not possible to control
sub VFO-2 with a computer. There is also no possibility to control sub
VFO-2 in split mode. I earlier thought to overcome this problem by using
a variable repeater offset, but i also had no luck. So i gave up...

Tracking the RX band is still no problem, but...

Please imagine, that this is not a fault of the software, it is a
limitation of the transceiver :-(

If we ever could find out any new information about how to trick the
transceiver into accepting CAT commands for sub VFO-2, it would be very
easy to improve the software. Unfortunately i was not able to find any
undocumented CAT commands yet.

Hope this helps. 

Best regards es 
mni 73 de

Peter R. Pfisterer, DH1NGP - JA1OLB
Software-Developer, Web-Master
SuperControl Amateur Radio CAT Software
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