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Re: CB on SAT

I think you missed my point, I don't care where Amateurs came from, or their
past activities. We can, by Elmering, show new Operators how to operate a
Satellite station.  We need to welcome all new operators,ARRL claims that 25
% of new operators only get on the air a few times, and then drop out never
renewing their license.

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> > In my country about 30 procent of the now licenced HAM`s were
> > illigal on 3 mtr`s in the seventy`s , `s.Later in the
> > ninety`s there was a group , about ten procent comming from
> > the illegal 60 cm band , and about 20 procent started on some
> > shortwave frequentie.
> I think you'll find that in most developed countries, many, if not most
> of the past 30 years came from the ranks of CB operators.  I count myself
> that rather large group, even though I knew ham radio would be inevitable
> for me long before I even touched a CB - but I did get on CB more than a
> year before I got my licence, and I remained on CB (both UHF and 27 MHz)
> many years after getting my ham ticket and made no secret of that fact.
> Only reason I don't run CB often now is I don't know many people there
> days, and I don't have as many trees that I can slip a dipole or coaxial
> collinear into... Still hang onto the radios though, you never know when
> they'll come in handy.
> > But the tech and tactic`s used by the governement are so
> > effective that these illegal frequentie`s are out of
> > use.Those who were there have a licence now. So were do we
> > find new HAM`s ? On PMR ,LPD and CB.
> Much the same here, many new hams come from the 11m and 63cm CB bands.
> an increasing minority coming from computer backgrounds.
> > In short: don`t talk down on CB , the person you here can be
> > the next HAM to be.
> Very true.  Better to take a visit to the CB bands and talk to the serious
> guys and play Elmer.  You never know, you might just encourage a new ham
> two to join us.  :-)  Reminds me, must get in touch with one of the few
> I still know on CB and see how his studying is going. :-)  Over here, they
> dropped the CB licence requirement some 10 years ago, so it's easy to grab
> CB from a flea market (usually very cheap) and mingle with the prospective
> hams.
> Yes, I'll agree there's a lot of idiots, but fortunately, they seem to
> hanging around together (like on UHF repeaters or occasionally on calling
> frequencies).  Elsewhere on the bands, you're likely to find serious
> hobbyists who may be potential ham material. :-)
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