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Re: ANS News Story about the website

I finally had time to read the news, and after I stopped blushing I wanted 
to make sure that everyone who is involved in the website is also 

We have new articles by Ramón Santoyo V. XE1KK and Mariano Gonçalves, CT1XI 
in Spanish and Portuguese respectively.  Mariano is also working on a 
translation of my updated Introduction to Amateur Satellites presentation 
that should be posted soon.  We are still looking for a volunteer in Quebec 
to translate documents into technical Canadian French.

I'd also like to thank Paul Williamson KB5MU for his continuing support and 
sharp eyes. Paul has been invaluable by locating some of the issues that 
escape casual observers.   Eric Christensen KF4OFN and Bill Greene VE7WFG 
have also been helping with these tasks.

Finally I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to submit bug 
reports, comments and suggestions.  We generally respond to bug reports and 
comments within a few hours.  Suggestions, particularly those that involve 
researching information, finding contributions outside the web team, 
writing new code and creating new pages take longer.  If we don't implement 
a suggestion we let you know (and if for some reason it's 
overlooked,  please bug us about it.)

Finally, I'd like to thank the ANS team who are now maintaining the news 
and front page articles using the tools we built.  So the time between news 
being on the BB and packet systems, and the time it shows up on the 
website,  is virtually nil.



W0EEC - CM87tm
AMSAT Area Coordinator - San Francisco Bay Area
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