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Once again looking for help

Last evening while running Satellite program (Unitrak 2003 and Yaesu 847). I
observed that although the program was tracking as confirmed by Instant Track
on second computer , the antennas were not moving . Further checking found
that the elevation side of my Yaesu G-5400B rotator was not working. Manually
I can raise and lower antennas from 0 to about 7 degrees no problem .Once past
7 degrees the antennas will only go upwards (cannot bring them down manually)
Once I get in the vicinity of 60 to 70 degrees then I can return them to the 0
position manually. I have not flipped the antennas over to see if the rotors
will be able to return them to 90 degrees.

Last Thursday due to a computer problem had to reformat hard drive and re-
install programs . When installing Uni-trak I  recalibrated the antennas . All
worked normal up until Sunday evening. I am wondering if anyone has had a
similar problem , or some suggestion that I may try before  yuk taking the
rotor of the mast.


de Gerry ve4gtb
Amsat #29196
Area Coordinator
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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