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Re: Doppler correction for ISS on FT-847

Chow 9W2QC wrote:

I could not get the doppler tuning function to work for 
the sub band (tx band) as I understand the FT-847 does not have CAT 
capabilities for the sub band (maybe I am wrong here).  Therefore, I 
would like to know how fellow friends here are solving this problem?

Wayne replies:

The FT-847 CAT system has a defect in "split" mode - it only supports VFO frequency increments of 10 kHz.  That is far too coarse for Doppler tuning.  Fortunately, the Doppler shift from ISS can be ignored on 2m.  Doppler would be a problem if and when the ISS operates on 70cm.

This defect of the FT-847 CAT in "split" mode is not documented, and has no doubt confused several software developers and users.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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