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Refitting Satellite Antennas for Leo

This weekend was spent working on getting the old AO-40 antenna system
refitted with antennas that will serve to operate on AO-51 and other Leos.

Although I have a large UHF yagi (M2-436CP42), I opted to leave it off in
favor of a smaller antenna.  I decided to replace the 6-elem UHF Arrow that
I put up for Echo tlm reception with the M2 420-50-11 which I purchased
over a year ago and never assembled.  This will improve UHF performance for
use on other satellites and free up the Arrow boom to be used for 2m
(3-elem yagi).  I also dragged out my 1296 45-elem loop yagi.  All this to
be mounted on the Yaesu B5400 that has the 85cm offset dish (need to
re-attach my helix-feed/preamp).

Rainy wx prevented mounting them Sunday, but I will have the four antennas
up in a couple days time: 145-435-1268-2401 MHz.  This ought to provide all
that is needed for operating on Echo, and maybe some other satellites, as
well.  Later I will need to install my 432 60w PA and a coax relay for
working mode U/V, and install the 144/1268 Tx convertor for mode L/S.

Still working on figuring out the installation of Unitrac-2000 (put that
aside for antenna work).  I also received some "neat" 10/24 GHz dual-band
feeds in the mail Saturday and spent time searching for horns on-line for

Looking forward to 'experiment day' on Echo after commissioning!

73's, Ed - AL7EB
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