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Re: Re: Echo and SO-50

Thanks. Another question: Could my weak signal problem be due to foilage?
I have to point the antenna through a tree (not the trunk) to where the
satellite is in the sky.


On Sun, 18 Jul 2004, Emily Clarke wrote:

> Hi Dave,
> Usually I get SO-50 with full quieting using an Arrow antenna.  I can pick
> it up pretty much as soon as it clears the hills (5 degree ele).  You might
> have to rotate it 90 degrees, but for the most part it is full quieting by
> 10 degrees of elevation.  Using a whip antenna (AL-800) on a W32A it's
> usually full quieting by 20 degrees at the most, sometimes sooner.
> I have heard AO-51 anywhere from .3 to 3.3 watts, which is 1db to 15db
> above SO-50.  Lately it has been transmitting TLM consistently at 1.1
> watts, so that is about (I think) about 10db above SO-50.
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