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Re: Echo and SO-50

Hi Greg,

SO-50 is ALWAYS turned on now.  Since AMSAT posted the procedure to turn on 
the satellite it's ALWAYS on.  I used to be one of the very few control ops 
here on the west coast, and now I rarely have to turn it on.  It's a rare 
situation when it isn't turned on by someone other than myself.  While it's 
true that it could be in the wrong polarity this is a condition that lasts 
for a very short period of time. So while it's OK to try one test 
transmission, continuously transmitting your callsign and grid is 
excessive.  SO-50 has a very small transmitter but a very sensitive 
receiver, so a station can easily jam other stations by transmitting over 
and over again.

So I have to totally disagree with you.  The old saying "if you can't hear 
it you can't work it" holds true even more so for SO-50.



At 02:24 PM 7/18/2004 -0500, Greg Wycoff wrote:
>Another reason one might not hear SO-50 Emily is that it may not have been
>turned on by a ground station. SO-50 is the only satellite that I know of
>that has to be commanded on to be heard. other reasons one may not hear it,
>is that it goes from right to left hand, most of the time it seems to be in
>left LHCP at my station.
>the old saying "if you cant hear it, you cant work it" dont always aply to
>SO-50 but should for the other satellites.
>but if you cant hear SO-50 then one should assume that it is in the wrong
>polarity for your own station to hear or it has not been turned on by a
>ground station.

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