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hand's free FO-29 pass

  Just worked an fo-29 pass. found one station on the wrong SSB, then ran
into KB2RC Bill calling CQ. We started to chat, and then it dawned on me
that I didn't have to fiddle with my u/l d/l everytime we passed the mic
back and forth. This reminded me of years ago there was a group of 4 to 8 of
us who used to get on in the early morning and work both FOO bird's, mostly
hands free. We used to get into other thing's, like audio quality, by trying
different mics , etc, rather then spend the whole pass chasing each others
signal's! I'm running SATPC32 here with an 847, Bill is using a T-2000 with
UNI-TRAC 2003. Both setups track the Doppler in total harmony. Thanks Bill
for a most enjoyable QSO.
  Maybe we should start a 'hands free' net on FO-29, once or twice a week.
This would allow people to test their auto Doppler tuning in realtime, if
you have to touch up your u/l or d/l, yer out......

73 Jeff kb2m
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