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Doppler correction for ISS on FT-847

Greetings to all once again,
I am using an FT-847 as my transceiver, NOVA for tracking and FT-847 
Supercontrol to control doppler on the FT-847.  This setups works fine 
for the any satellites that uplinks and downlinks on two different 
bands (i.e. 144 uplink and 435 downlink) using the satellite mode 

However, when operating ISS packet, I cannot use the satellite 
function as ISS uplink and downlink is on the same 2M band.  For this 
I have used the split tx/rx feature.  

In this setup, I could not get the doppler tuning function to work for 
the sub band (tx band) as I understand the FT-847 does not have CAT 
capabilities for the sub band (maybe I am wrong here).  Therefore, I 
would like to know how fellow friends here are solving this problem?

Many thanks in advance and best 73.

Chow Q. C.,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (OJ03TB).
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