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WiSP Hints and Kinks -Take 2

Further to my previous mail, and in response to a query
from a local amateur, I provide the following revised
procedure to add a New Satellite into a FULL database.
Replace the previous instruction with the following.

To insert a New satellite into a FULL database you need to
select Database, Edit Satellite Data from the GSC Menu.

While in the Edit Satellite Data window
1. Go to a satellite entry you no longer require.
2. Click Delete
3. Enter the Name as AO-51
3. Enter the Catalogue Number 28375, which is for AO-51.
4. Click OK
5. Click Close
6. Select Update Satellite Database from GSC Menu, Update.
7. Select your latest 2 Line keplerian element data file.
8. Hey presto!!

The above procedure does not require the pre-filtering of
elements to initially setup the WiSP Satellite Database.

Background History.
When Chris Jackson ZL2TPO/G7PUN originated this excellent 
piece of software (1990/91), he considered that a database 
of 50 satellites would be adequate. How things have changed.

Colin VK5HI.  
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