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WiSP Hints and Kinks

The following excerpt is from a mail that I sent to Jerry W6IHG, 
in response to his request for help with WiSP.
The mail detailed how to delete WiSP and re-install, plus some 
operational hints to confirm performance.
Thought it wise to share the information, especially when AO-51's 
BBS comes on line, interest in WiSP will heighten.
Colin VK5HI.

However seeing you wish to start afresh the WiSP Registry entries

Suggest you do the following.
1. Delete the registry entry.
2. Delete the program, directories etc.
3. Compile a Keps file as follows.
	Download the latest 2 line Keps.
	Edit the file so that you only have UO-22 and AO-51.
	I have attached one for you from element set 190.
4. Reinstall the WiSP Software + General Setup + Station Setup.
5. Then insert UO-22 and AO-51 in WiSP using the Satellite Setup.
6. Now Update Satellite Database using Jerry.ele (attached)
7. From the Tracking Menu add UO-22 and AO-51 under Track 
	and ensure Scheduling is ticked.
8. Shutdown WiSP.
9. Start WiSP

Preliminary Setup (see Note 5 below).
1. From the Setup Menu, Satellite Setup, select UO-22 then Edit.
2. Under TNC settings set TX Delay to 500 ms and TXTail to 1500 ms
Now to check out that WiSP and its suite are operational.
1. From the Tracking Menu select Run Pass.
2. Select UO-22.
3. MSPE will open with a session for UO-22.
	You will also see on the GSC Screen UO-22 running (red) with
	Priority set to M.
	An error message that the Directory is out of date (not an issue)
4. Now from the MSPE Screen select Fill from the Menu to open the
	Fill File Dialog
5. Click the Fill Directory radio button and click OK, whilst watching
	the TNC and your Transceiver.
	The STA and PTT indicators on your TNC should come on and your TX
	key up.
	Note: Refer to Preliminary setup above.
	These settings will allow you to clearly identify that the system
	is sending a request, keying the TX etc.
	Now for normal operating conditions.
	The TXDelay is a critical setting and is Transceiver/Amplifier 
	dependent. If you have a modern transceiver and no amplifier you can
	probably run TXDelay at 50 ms (or lower), but I nominally use 300ms. 
	Best to start with it high (300) and gradually wind it back.
	During a pass you can select Setup, TNC Settings from the MSPE Menu
	to fine tune your settings. 
	If TXDelay is too short you will not access the satellite. 
	If you have a linear amplifier (switching delays) then you will
	require a higher TXDelay.
	TXTail in not critical so 30 ms is a good value.

Once you are happy all is OK, try it on the bird.
You can then also update the Satellite Database with the latest Keps.
This will no doubt fill up the 50 "slots".

Operational characteristic of WiSP, is to allocate a priority to all files
including the Directory. 
To set the Directory Priority go to MSPE Settings from 
GSC Menu, Setup, Satellite Setup, Select Satellite.
Set the Directory Priority: Priority
	Customisation: Interrupt directory for MY Files
	Action when at tail of queue: Randomly send request.
	Ensure Send auto fill requests is ticked.
These settings will always ensure that the DIRECTORY takes preference,
except for any file that is sent to W6IHG.
These directory parameters have to be setup for EACH satellite.
PLEASE setup UO-22 as per above.

The files are allocated priorities based on the MSPE Equations which
can be accesses from GSC, Setup Menu.
A detailed explanation of these equations and in the HELP File.
Open Help, Index and go to Equations, Equation Format.
These equations apply to ALL satellites.
Prior to making changes to the MSPE Equations, make a copy of the
file MSPE Equations.txt located in the \WiSP directory.
If you mess up you can always copy the good set back.
View-Dir also has a similar set of equations which are accessed via
the GSC Setup Menu and are stored in View-Dir Equations.txt in the 
WiSP Directory. 

To insert a New satellite into a FULL database you need to
1. Go to a satellite entry you no longer require.
2. Click Delete
3. Enter the Catalogue Number 28375, which is for AO-51.
	NOTE: You only have to enter the catalogue number.
4. Click OK
5. Click Close
6. Select Update Satellite Database from GSC Menu, Update.
7. Hey presto!!

Contents of Jerry.ele
1 21575U 91050B   04190.05101628  .00000006  00000-0  15164-4 0  1463
2 21575  98.1928 163.3698 0008235  53.6400 306.5550 14.39395856680990
1 28375U 04025K   04190.41682525  .00000055  00000-0  29685-4 0   134
2 28375  98.2578 259.7065 0084293 188.1417 171.8410 14.40372374  1127
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