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Re: Does Sapphire need a reset?

John Mock wrote:

> I noticed that it's back in the mode i noted initially last
> November where it's sending two short bursts of largely
> unmodulated carrier approximately every 60 seconds.  Does its TNC
> need power-cycling again?
 >		       -- KD6PAG

The 60-second burst is the default setting, which either means that
the spacecraft CPU has already reset or (more likely) the period was 
not changed after a previous reset.  Sapphire has been 'on loan' to 
Santa Clara University for a few months, so they may have changed 
the beacon period.

My own command station is down for roof repairs, so it'll be another
week before I can check for myself.  If digipeating is down, let me 
know and I can draft one of our backup stations into service. 
Otherwise, Sapphire is stable enough to stay in the reset state for 
another week.

Thanks for the update!

-Mike Swartwout, KE6YNJ
Sapphire Operations Lead
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