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EN-NB96, PSK1T and PC

Hi everyone,

I am new to 9600 bauds, so the following questions may sound simplistic for some. I apologize.

I own a Paccomm EN-NB96 TNC-less modem. I also own a PSK1T AFSK/PSK TNC (made of a PSK1 board and a Tiny-2 TNC). After reading and re-reading their respective manuals, it seems that I will not be able to use the PSK1T as the TNC for supporting the NB-96. that is, unless I do major re-wiring to switch between the PSK1 board and the NB96 modem. Am I right ?

Is there a software TNC solution that would allow me to simply connect the NB96 modem's RS-232 port to my PC? Are there any freeware available that would do the trick?

Please respond directly to me (as well as the bb if you wish) as I subscribe to the bb in digest form.

Thanks! 73's

Bert, VE2ZAZ
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
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