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ECHO active above S.Korea tomorrow ?


I am in S.Korea at the moment, and tomorrow 17 July I will go to a radio 
field-day at Incheon.
I have no radios with me, and for over 9 months I have not been active 
because I was travelling.

Therfor I was wondering if I might be able to hear ECHO for the first time 
in Korea.
What I don't know if it will be active, and when (I have no tracking pc 
here) and the frequencies I also couldn't find so far.

Maybe someone can help me ??
I hope someone at the fieldday will have some 70cm, so I can hear ECHO, and 
maybe also make Korean hams more interrested in satellites :o)

73 de HL/PE1RAH, William Leijenaar

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