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38k4 Modem Considerations

Recent mails on the -bb have touched on 38k4 downlink requirements, hence
some words of advice.
When considering equipment for 38k4 ensure that the RS232 communications
capability from TNC to Computer is at least twice that of the downlink, viz:
for 38k4 this is 76k8 or higher.
Pressing an old computer or TNC into service when either has a com port of
38k4 maximum speed, may result in "overflow" errors.
Those with a spare 9k6 G3RUH Modem may consider modifying it to 38k4 using
the information contained in the following link
This article also identifies the receiver bandwidth required for 38k4 as 60
Modification to most amateur transceivers is required to achieve this

Colin VK5HI.
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