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Re: 2 M. Repeaters..

>My XYL and I are traveling... [is there] a program out there 
>that can track the available 2 M. repeaters along the route...

While someone else answers that question, here is a 
splinter idea that may help you QSO other mobiles 
simplex to you that want to chat while you travel.

You can set your radio to 146.52 and call CQ every minute...


you can set it to 144.39 with CTCSS set to 100 Hz and
listen for nearby APRS mobiles that are "calling CQ"
automatically every minute.  If you hear one, then you
*know* that he is there, he is in simplex range, and he
has his radio on 144.39 CTCSS 100 awaiting your 
voice call...    

Think of it as an automated proximity radar for mobile
HAM radio.  Just listening to 146.52 has no where near
the success rate, because unless everyone is calling
CQ every minute, you can pass within 100 feet of
each other and never know the other guy was there.

This technique is called APRS Voice Alert.  And it works
because every APRS mobile is GUARANTEED to always
have a radio on 144.39 (for APRS)...  But by using
CTCSS 100, all the packet racket is totally suppressesed
but the same radio can still be used to receive a PL100
Voice call.  Its a free local voice-alert radio...  He is 
always there and he is always listening...

This is why, if you call someone on 144.39 with PL100,
 you "must" say the words "Voice alert" or the other station 
won't know that he heard you via his APRS Packet radio 
which otherwise is always silent (CTCSS 100).  He will think
he heard you on his other voice radio and may respond to 
you there, and then you not hearing his response, the QSO
opportunity is missed...

This is off-topic to AMSAT-BB, but I thought I would 
answer this frequent "travelers delima" question that has 
more-or-ess been solved with CTCSS 100 and APRS 
beacons on 144.39 for travelers...

Every mobile running APRS with the dual channel
D7  or D700 radio always runs this configuration...
But its a big country.  You may only pass one a day!

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