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Re: Unisat-3

> Drew:
> They never released UniSat-2's frequencies that was on the same launch as
> SO-50 - maybe they will this time.
> 73's
> Don Woodward
> AMSAT 33535
> http://kd4app.webhop.org

Hi Don,
I think 435.275 is a good bet for Unisat-3's data downlink. A GMSK downlink
has been heard over Europe on this frequency. The IARU sat coordination
website used to include that the FM repeater would share AO-27's
frequencies. That has since been changed.

And while we are on the topic of wishful thinking, maybe we'll get a (or
another) crack at SO-41 and SO-42 with the launch of the new Saudicommsats,
and Saudisat-2.

73, Drew KO4MA
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