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R: R: Unisat-3

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From: Andrew Glasbrenner <glasbrenner@mindspring.com>
To: i8cvs <domenico.i8cvs@tin.it>; AMSAT-BB <amsat-bb@amsat.org>
Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2004 8:23 PM
Subject: Re: R: [amsat-bb] Unisat-3

> >Hi Drew,KO4MA
> >Where you got the information that UNISAT-3 is carrying an FM transponder
> >for amateur radio ?
> >73" de
> >i8CVS Domenico
> From http://www.amsat.org.uk/iaru/informal_detail.asp?serial=33
> UniSat3 Updated: 04/07/2004   Responsible Operator
> Supporting Organisation  La Sapienza University Roma
> Contact Person     fabio.santoni@uniroma1.it.nospam
> Headline Details: A 12 kg microsat launched with Oscar Echo. Intended to
contain a V/U FM transponder and 9k6 GMSK telemetry downlink.
> Application Date:  15/11/2003   Freq coordination completed on
> *This was recently changed as it originally said using the same
frequencies as AO-27*
> 73, Drew KO4MA

Hi Drew, KO4MA

Tank you for this information.

Have you already contacted the above Responsible Operator Supporting
Organization  for UNISAT-3 ?

Have you got an answere about the uplink and downlink frequencies used
by the UNISAT-3 FM transponder and about its operation ?

TNX in advance for your answere and 73" de

i8CVS Domenico
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