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Re: TX: soundcard packet -- 9600 baud


You are essentially doing what I have done. The only question I might ask 
you. I used the MixW comm emulator when I copy telemetry with MixW feeding 
thru the comm emulator to TlmEcho. This works fine.

But when I want to go to UO-22, I must set the MixW TNC emulation port to a 
real comm port on my computer (either a native port or a USB serial port). 
This seems to be the only way that Wisp will work with MixW according to 
those with much more experience here than I.

I also noticed some character drop out when I run the USB ports at 19200 so 
I have them running now at 38400 baud. This seems to get everything from 
MixW to WiSP. I am running my Line Out thru an isolation transformer 
because that was the interface I already had set up for AO-40.

I was surprised that I could not detect my FT847 transmitting. I guess the 
data burst is so fast at 9600 baud that I don't see the TX indicator come 
on. But I get into the queue. Have the audio levels set fairly low but am 
just guessing at them for the moment.

So try a regular comm port if you are not already.

Good luck

Jerry, W6IHG

At 09:18 AM 7/13/2004 -0700, Steve Egert wrote:
>I'm looking for some elmering here:
>I've had no luck uplinking to UO-22 with soundcard/MixW and I don't know
>what I'm doing wrong.
>I'm able to copy UO-22 in MixW and I'm using its TNC emulation to Wisp which
>also copies UO-22 just fine and even tries to interact with the satellite on
>a pass.  TlmEcho using MixW's TNC emulation for AO-51 telemetry works very
>well here, too.
>I can copy a local 9600 baud BBS, but after 2 days of trying, I still cannot
>get connected to it.  It's like it's not even hearing me -- same as UO-22 as
>it goes overhead.
>My radio is an FT-847.  It connects to the soundcard's line-in/line-out from
>the 6-pin DIN on the back of the radio, per the manual.  There are no
>isolation components (transformers and the like) between the radio and
>soundcard.  Just wires carrying audio in and out.  High risk behavior, I
>know.  Menu 23 is set to 9600.
>Computer is Intel P4, WinXP, soundcard is SoundMAX Digital Audio.  MixW
>When I listen to my transmitted audio on a second receiver, I can hear the
>transmitter key up and the audio modulate it.  I can vary the loudness of
>the transmitted 9600 baud audio with the Wave and Master volume control
>sliders.  So I think I'm close.  My guess is that I'm not getting a level
>just right or there is some parameter in MixW that I haven't set correctly.
>I welcome your thoughts and ideas.
>Steve -- K6UX
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Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs LLC
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