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Re: Re: Icom PCR-1000 and 38k4 packet?

Wow, great news, John!

This may provide a reaonsable option for folks to work 38k4 on 2.4GHz regardless of where their downconverter out is 122/144MHz or 435MHz (not to mention 436.150 directly!)

With a new price of around $350-375 for the unit, it should provide: 38k4 packet on virtually any frequency (within reason) from VHF up to 1.3GHz.  (naturally, a TNC or DSP is also required).

Thanks for the mode/filter (FM, 50 kHz) info as well.  Figured that was the best shot (I've used the same for the NOAA birds).

Btw--for those curious, Doppler correction/frequency control of the PCR-1000 is very doable using WispDDE and Wisp.

Can't wait to try!  


Mark N8MH

> From: John Melton <John.Melton@Sun.COM>
> Date: 2004/07/13 Tue PM 04:51:28 EDT
> To: "Mark L. Hammond" <mlhammond@charter.net>
> CC: John.Melton@Sun.COM,  amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
> Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Icom PCR-1000 and 38k4 packet?
> Mark,
> I have used the PCR-1000 for 38k4 on UOSAT-12.  Just take the output
> from the 'Packet' connector as you would with 9k6,  but do not use the
> Wide FM setting,  just use the 50KHz FM setting and as long as you track
> the doppler it should be no problem.
> -- John g0orx/n6lyt
> -- 
> John Melton <john.melton@sun.com>
> Sun Microsystems, IT CTO
> On Tue, 2004-07-13 at 19:21, Mark L. Hammond wrote:
> > As I consider my station and the ability to work high speed packet, I realized I have a seldom-used PCR-1000 on the shelf.  This would be a good solution for either the 435 MHz signal directly, or for a 2M or 435 MHz downconverter IF.
> > 
> > Inasmuch as it has a "PACKET" jack for 9600 baud packet reception, and the ability to change the receive bandwidth (it does SSB, FM, "wide FM", and has selectable bandwidth settings)---has anyone on the list tried to use this receiver for 38k4 packet?  
> > 
> > Naturally, I will give this a shot when I can.  Currently, it's difficult at best to experiment with high speed packet as I can't generate an RF signal of this nature in the shack.  And, with AO-51 not having a published schedule yet, it's hard to know when to get ready for the testing!
> > 
> > I wish that AO-51 passes were as long AO-40 ;-)
> > 
> > I look forward to any "real world" data, or comments otherwise.  Or perhaps the idea is just generally silly....
> > 
> > 73,
> > 
> >  
> > Mark L. Hammond    [N8MH]
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