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Bug in Navigation bar

Last evening, in response to a feature request from the membership, I added 
code to the website header file that allows a user to click on the AMSAT 
logo to return to the main landing page.  In the process, I inadvertently 
left code in the header file that would override the default behaviour of 
the Navigation Bar and it too would only link to the landing page. This has 
now been fixed, and I apologize if this inconvenienced anyone.

The AMSAT logo banner is now linked to the main page (IE only at this 
time).  Although the "Launch Pad" button remains, we may co-opt this real 
estate for another use if we feel that clicking on the logo is a good 
substitute for this navigation workflow after we add the code for Netscape 
support.  This may not happen, however, because that access trick may not 
work for Lynx users.  We will have much more testing to do before making 
any further changes.



W0EEC - CM87tm
AMSAT Area Coordinator - San Francisco Bay Area
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