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TX: soundcard packet -- 9600 baud

I'm looking for some elmering here:

I've had no luck uplinking to UO-22 with soundcard/MixW and I don't know
what I'm doing wrong.

I'm able to copy UO-22 in MixW and I'm using its TNC emulation to Wisp which
also copies UO-22 just fine and even tries to interact with the satellite on
a pass.  TlmEcho using MixW's TNC emulation for AO-51 telemetry works very
well here, too.

I can copy a local 9600 baud BBS, but after 2 days of trying, I still cannot
get connected to it.  It's like it's not even hearing me -- same as UO-22 as
it goes overhead.

My radio is an FT-847.  It connects to the soundcard's line-in/line-out from
the 6-pin DIN on the back of the radio, per the manual.  There are no
isolation components (transformers and the like) between the radio and
soundcard.  Just wires carrying audio in and out.  High risk behavior, I
know.  Menu 23 is set to 9600.

Computer is Intel P4, WinXP, soundcard is SoundMAX Digital Audio.  MixW

When I listen to my transmitted audio on a second receiver, I can hear the
transmitter key up and the audio modulate it.  I can vary the loudness of
the transmitted 9600 baud audio with the Wave and Master volume control
sliders.  So I think I'm close.  My guess is that I'm not getting a level
just right or there is some parameter in MixW that I haven't set correctly.

I welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Steve -- K6UX
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