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RE: 9600 Baud TNC Information

Yes, I understand that the manuals give this information, but my point is
that the website is being set up for specific details to set up your TNC to
work with AO-51 and TlmEcho.  Of course, nobody's manual is going to do

Emily asked for us all to submit information about TNC's and what steps are
required to get them to work with TlmEcho.  I submitted this informaiton for
the TH-D7 but was told that the Kenwood radios with built in TNC's (this
includes the TH-D7, TH-D700, and TS2000) would not be included in the "How
To" list because their manuals tell you how to do it.  I am just trying to
say that they SHOULD be included because the point of the resource is the
help people specifically set up their equipment for use with TlmEcho and
nobody's manual is going to do this.


A.J. Farmer, AJ3U

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On Tue, Jul 13, 2004 at 07:19:04AM -0400, A.J. Farmer wrote:
> Yes, I agree.  I was surprised at the decision to not include information
> about Kenwood radios with built in TNC's.  I thought the point was to post
> information about how to set up hardware to receive telemetry from AO-51.
> The Kenwood manuals do not have a section on how to do this.

Well, they do, at least with the TS2000 manual I have has enough information
to do it.

page 49 and 50 of the TS2000 manual shows how to set it up for basic TNC
operation. The one "gotcha" of the Kenwood TS2000 (and I am guessing the
other Kenwoods as well) is the TNC does not immediately go into KISS
mode when sent the KISS command. (presumably tlmEcho does this)
The trick is, to send it the KISS command then turn the radio off and
back on (pg 111 Appendix Built-In TNC command list )
I don't know how tlmEcho would work with this I know my own software
works with KISS this way.

Good luck.

Diane Bruce, VA3DB
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