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Display on tlmEcho...trick!

Another progress report.

Captured tlm at 0211utc 2004/07/12 on tlmEcho for first time.  

I had copied it in the MixW2 screen a few times before but nothing
displayed on the tlmEcho sw.  Had to be something simple so I went
searching the various set-up windows.  In MixW2's TNC emulation window I
noticed that "disable device was checked"...hmm...so I unchecked it.
Probably I am the only one to have stumbled on this but thought I would
share it in case anyone else has this trouble.

Now tlmEcho receives the data stream from MixW2 and "presto" I have
telemetry decoded...nice!

Today at work I read thru the manual on the UniTrac-2000 and getting ready
to try it out.  I need to download the sw and find a gender changer for the
printer cable (UniTrac-2000 I/F with the parallel port).

More news...later!

73's Ed - AL7EB
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