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Re: AO-51

On 13 Jul 2004 at 10:35, Robert Thirkettle wrote:

> Hi
>  I am interested in hearing about what equipment people are using to
> receive the 9k6 telemetry with. 
Gear is FT847 set to 9600 baud, Tiny2 tnc with G3RUH modem, Wisp on 
an old 120mhz pentium, original ZL2AMD card for tracking on the same 
22x22 Xyagi on 70cm (Maspro) Gasfet pre-amp AT THE ANTENNA.
Also have a modified (for 9600) Icom 471h/ 271h setup which has been 
used for many years on all the 9600bd sats.
I don't seem to be having much luck with MixW and the sound card on 
my main pc tho, maybe the cap in the interface box is too small ?.
Signals on AO-51 are very strong and I have no doubt a 6 to 8 el 
vertical antenna would do the job provided due attention is paid to 
controling losses on rcv.

73 ron VK5AKJ (acheyJ)
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