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user error adding ECHO to WiSP

Just wanted to share a problem I have been having with WiSP and the
I couldn't add ECHO to the database to save my life; I'd update the
satellite database, but every time I reopened WiSP, an error box came up
saying AO-51 couldn't be found..
Turns out, WiSP only has room in it's database for 50 satellites, and AO-51
was number 51 in mine. I went into the Edit Database screen, deleted a bunch
of NOAA and Meteo sats and lo and behold, all is okay now.

Also, could somebody please add the callsigns for ECHO to the AMSAT web
page.. I saw them in an email a few weeks back, but can't find them anywhere
on the web page to save my life. I've set up WiSP to run ECHOTLM
automatically.. I hope! We'll see on the 14:33 pass.

73 de WE1U

"There is much to be said for the distinctive country lifestyle and all of
its pleasures and satisfaction. But one of the best parts, by far, is that
you get to hang around with a lot of interesting dogs."
Leigh Perkins, Chairman, The Orvis Company
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