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Hi Roy,

Wished I had thought about trying the 38k4 rate last night---when the DCD wouldn't light, I was sure I had messed up a packet setting on the TS-2000X!  I didn't expect 38k4 on the 435 frequency--all of the literature I've seen suggests it would be 38k4 on 2.4GHz.

I am currently 38k4 ready on the 435 MHz band using my trusty TS-790A and the TAPR EVM DSP.

Herein lies the problem---because my 2.4GHz Transverter downconverter converts to 2M, I don't see how I can run 38k4 at 2.4 GHz unless I do one of the following: 
1) get a 2.4GHz->435MHz tranverter (ugh)
2) mod the TS-2000X for 38k4 on the 2M band (my PREFERRED mod!)
3) mod the TS-790A for 38k4 on the 2M side (not desired)

I have been in contact with Ulf at Symek regarding an IFD board for the TS-2000(X) rigs.  He said he'd look into this week.  Perhaps if others would email indicating their interest in the board for this rig, it would help :)  http://www.symek.com   If we're lucky, maybe there is a way to get the tap so it works on all bands?

What are others planning to use to work 38k4 on 2.4GHz??


Mark L. Hammond  N8MH

I would like to get a list of any stations who are now capable of copying 38k4 
downlinks.  There were several I recall copying the 38k4 signals from the 
satellites.  If you are setup now to do this please let me know.

73, Roy -- W0SL
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