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Re: AO-51 and S Band

>From: Mike Seguin 
>I was very fortunate to hear the S Band downlink come on. While this is very
>preliminary information, I thought I'd pass along what I observed. I want to
>stress I'm not on the command team. These are my own comments.

>I first saw the "Exciter" come on in telemetry data from tlmEcho followed
>shortly there after by the "Power Amp". The transmitter power indicated was

>At the time, AO-51 was ~ 1400 km from me at an elevation of about 25
>degrees. Signal was S9 +30 !! There was some fading, but it was not extreme.
>The observed period was about a minute, so we really can't draw any
>conclusions yet, but I was impressed with the signal!

Hi Mike, 
I watched as the S band was turned on last night on the mid-US pass and immediately went to S band and found it right away. I was also using my AO-40 dish, a 3 ft prime focus, with a helix feed and DEM preamp feeding a TSI d/c. I was listening to S with a FT-100. With the noise floor attenuated to S1 signals were around S9. The 2401.200 signal is very loud, seemed quite broad, and was pretty easy to follow thru doppler by hand. When it opens for use, I'm sure the AFC function on the 910 will track it. I think it was about a 20-25 degree pass.

This is sure going to be a nice satellite!

73, Drew KO4MA
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