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Re: TH-D7 Deficiencies

>>> Dave Taylor <w8aas@comcast.net> 7/10/04 7:45:41 PM >>>
> What I do is program the Doppler frequencies for uplink 
>and downlink separately.  It works, but has two drawbacks:
> - It uses 10 memories instead of 5.
> - It increases the workload during a pass, 
>   because you have to change two channels and switch 
>   bands twice for each doppler change.

But there is no reason to do that.  The 2m uplink only has a
peak doppler of 2500 Hz above say 5 deg elevation
and so there is no reason to tune the uplink for a handheld.
Below 5 deg elevation, most handheld operators are never
going to be able to see the bird and if they do, the bird
is 6 dB further away than it is at 25 deg, and the chance that 
their 5W could be heard anyway is quite small...

Dont bother with uplink tuning.  ALso, the Satelite RX is
broaderband than terrestrial receivers to allow for being
2.5 KHz off and still be in the passband...

de Wb4APR, Bob
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