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AO-51 and S Band

> From ANS-193 <
> Testing has also been done on S-band using a frequency of 2401.200 MHz.

I was very fortunate to hear the S Band downlink come on. While this is very
preliminary information, I thought I'd pass along what I observed. I want to
stress I'm not on the command team. These are my own comments.

I first saw the "Exciter" come on in telemetry data from tlmEcho followed
shortly there after by the "Power Amp". The transmitter power indicated was

At the time, AO-51 was ~ 1400 km from me at an elevation of about 25
degrees. Signal was S9 +30 !! There was some fading, but it was not extreme.
The observed period was about a minute, so we really can't draw any
conclusions yet, but I was impressed with the signal!

Receive equipment here was:
G3RUH 60 cm dish/feed RHCP
DB6NT preamp at the feed
Drake 2880 downconverter mounted behind the dish.
This was my AO-40 receive system.

I can't wait to try the L uplink. It will be fun to characterize the link
margin once AO-51 is stable and open for business.

Thanks to the Command Team for all their efforts!

Mike, N1JEZ
AMSAT #29649
Local Area Coordinator
"A closed mouth gathers no feet."
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