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Re: Question for Linux users who are copying AO-51 (ECHO)

>     Can anyone who is successfully copying ECHO and using Linux, please
> tell me what programs
> you are using for satellite tracking and for download/upload?  Also for
> UO-22 for that matter.

Hello Chris,

assuming that Echo will use the ftl0 protocol like uo-22, go-32, ko-25, ko-23 
etc. you can use the pbpg suite.
Unfortunately it is nothing like Wisp for Windows: you have to play hard with 
the command line and need to have good knowledge of the entire system in 
order to properly configure the kernel ax25 support.

In my case, I use the mkiss module togheter with my homebrew TNC2. I do 1200 
and 9600.
I have also modified the excellent "predict" program by KB2BD to allow freq 
tuning on my IC-821H.
A daemon written by Luc Langehegermann takes care of handling my el-az control 
box G-5400B via the well known fodtrack board designed by Mandred XQ2FOD. (To 
be completely honest I had to modify also that daemon because it was only 
good for south centered azimuth controllers)

John Magliacane, author of "predict", is going to release a new version called 
"Portable PREDICT Plus" capable of running all the above directly from a 
bootable disk. Very nice idea but not yet available.

Here are some links to get you started:

www.issfanclub.com Founder
Linux Enthusiast
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