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RE: Membership Profile

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Greg and all,
Your query about the present status of the Membership Profile prompts me to
write this posting, since I am sure others are also interested.

Yes, the data acquisition portion of the AMSAT Membership Profile is
completed. We received a wonderful response from our members. The final
return rate was 65%... That's GOOD!

The data entry portion is also complete. (I will not have to file my finger
nails for 6 months...) Lots of data entry!!

The tabulation is also complete.

I am presently writing the presentation containing all the results, either
statistically or graphically represented. As of this writing, I stand at 35
pages, and I am not done!! This presentation will be made to the Board of
Directors at the October 2004 meeting in D.C.

Following their acceptance of the report, I'll prepare the material for
posting on the AMSAT Web site and for incorporation in an article for the

Thanks to everyone who participated.. It was a long survey and took
dedication to sit and complete. The response rate illustrates just how
interested our members are in our activities.. I am sure the BoD will find
the information helpful in their deliberations on future activities.

Gunther Meisse

From: Greg Wycoff [mailto:GREGWYCOFF@havilandtelco.com] 
Sent: Sunday, July 11, 2004 12:21 PM
To: Gunther Meisse
Subject: survey?

Hello Gunther
How did the AMSAT survey ever come out, or did I miss seeing it some where?

73 Greg

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