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FS: IF Radios for Microwave Ops + other stuff]]

Reposted after I removed the "tabs".   Sorry for poor legibility of the 

Hello the Net:

I have the following stuff for sale. 
Can tentatively deliver at the NEWS Group Picnic next weekend.
All shipping and handling is extra, would prefer local pickup.
Come see the stuff work.

I am posting here, then e-bay in a few days.

1. ICOM IC-706MKII transceiver, HF, 6M, 2M, was my primary microwave IF 
on 2M. The RF power output was adjusted (with R-338) to give a 
max of 10W RF out on 2M, settings of L thru H would give: 2 = ~2w, 
etc, H = 10W, 1 = 1W.
Have with it the standard accessories, operators manual, mic, 
13-pin Din cable to pigtail Price of 500$, works fine. 
Reason I am selling is that I upgraded to a 706MK2G,
Great IF radio.	In original box  Never mobile, non smoker.

2. Yaesu model  FT-480R, 2M all mode transceiver has low RF power 
output, I suspect the brick PA, but enough RF for a transverter.
RX works fine. with operator's manual and service manual. Price 250$ 
including mic and  power cable.

3. Yaesu model FT-780R. 70 cm all mode transceiver TX and RX work fine. 
Price 350$ with mic, operator's manual and power cable.

4. Yaesu model SC-1 Station Console, used with items #2 and #3 for 
satellite operations, never used, picked up used, no documentation.
Other transceivers set onto it. Free with the purchase of the 2 
transceivers or 50$ separately.

5. ICOM IC-271A, 2M multimode transceiver with internal AC power supply. 
Was my original 2M IF radio for microwave transverters.
with mic, power cable, and operator's manual. works fine  350$

6. ICOM IC-1271A 1.2 GHz monoband multimode with TV adapter, mic, op 
manual,  internal AC power supply. Works fine
1240 thru to 1300 MHz all modes. Asking $650  
tracked another on e-bay at 850$

7. ALPHA 6M KW, 120 VAc supply, single 3CX800A7, easy 1000W PEP,
  Originally was a MRI medical electronics IPA for a pair of 8877's. 
 Price 900$  Actual covers 3 bands, 40 thru 70 MHz

8. ETO/ALPHA model 89 HF legal limit + RF power amplifier, 230 VAC, pair 
of 3CX800A7's, all HF band, manual tune. excellent condition, 2395$

9. Collins model 30L1 HF PA, 4 each 811 tubes are new, was going to 
convert to a 6M only PA but never got around to it,
Serviceable. Priced at  350$    
Other COLLINS,  75S3C/312B4, 75S1, 52S1, CP1, inquire.

10. HEATH model  SB-200 HF PA,  was also going to convert to a 6M 
monobander but ran out of time,  200$ 
Add  new HARBACH Power supply PCB, PTT PCB, fan,  and feet for 50$ more.

11. HENRY 3002, 2M legal limit PA single 8877 floor model with HV power 
supply set up for 230 VAC, 1800$
Including 4 each KLM 17LBX yagi antennas, 17 el, 30'+ boom, H frame 
and 1 x 4 power divider, needs all new hardware.
Will be very expensive to pack and ship, heavy duty.....
I can not deliver the antennas, too long for vehicle.

12. SWAN model  350, HF transceiver tubed, with speaker power supply and 
mobile ps adapter.    150$

13.  ICOM IC-726 HF/6M transceiver, simple radio, great for beginner, 450$
with mic, manual, DC power cable. Original owner.

14. TOKYO HY-POWER LABS, model HL-160V, 160W solid state PA with RX preamp
only 1/2 Rf power output, I suspect one of the 2 final transistors.
I never got around to fix.  75$

Any interest,  let's get together. I will be in CT next saturday

Stan, Wa1ECF   Cape Cod, MA  FN41sr    or call at 1-508-833-2196


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