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Getting TlmEcho installed


Using Hasan's detailed instructions I have MixW2 with comm port emulator
installed and working (I believe).  I constructed cable for my FT-847 using
Radio Shack 6-pin mini-Din (#276-1474) and a six foot shielded cable with
1/8-inch mini-phone plug (#42-2434).  Getting 9600-baud audio from the
FT-847 to the line-input to the P3-866 (Dell).

BUT...my problem is downloading and installing tlmEcho.  I get a runtime-53
error.  I first tried installing both sw on my P100-win95 machine and
tlmEcho installed and ran but MixW2 would freeze up on me so I figured
win-95 was not a good OS for it.  I did have message during install that
SHEL32.dll was missing and CreateMixw2shortcut.exe was linked to that dll.
 ...whatever than means.

In any case I am not asking to solve that problem as I opted to install on
my win2K system, instead.

But...I cannot get a good install of tlmEcho!  I see that the zip file:
tlmEcho_pack_v103 is 1.43Mb in size yet the unzipped tlmEcho application
installed is only 168 kb...seems strange it is so small?  The folder
installed under C:\Programs\tlmEcho contents are: ST6UNST, tlmecho, and
CPBINI.  Folder size is only 174 kb.  I am downloading from the link from
the Amsat Echo page.

Any ideas how to get a good download?

73's Ed - AL7EB

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