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Anyone using an Icom IC-281 for 9k6 rcv?

I have an Icom 281H that is 9k6 packet compatible.  It is a 2 meter
transceiver with 440MHz receive only.  I performed the extended frequency
mod to receive down to 435MHz.
My question is about what actually comes out of the "data" jack.  Is it an
audio signal or a digital signal?  

The radio uses an 1/8" stereo jack to provide both 1k2 and 9k6 "data" out.
I run a cable directly from this jack to my sound card input.  On my PC
speakers I hear 1k2 packet audio on the left channel which I can adjust the
level with the volume control on the radio.  The right channel is noise that
the level is NOT adjustable with the volume control on the radio.  The
manual states that the "data" jack just plugs into a 9k6 TNC.  What do
"normal" 9k6 TNCs accept as input?  I was hoping that it was just an output
from the discriminator but I'm not so sure now.
The radio is placed in "data" mode for 9k6 operation but I haven't decoded
any packets with MixW2.  I can decode 1k2 packet just fine (radio is taken
out of data mode) with MixW2.  I know I'm receiving the satellite because
the audio gets quiet and the S meter deflects indicating signal.
Anyone out there know?

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