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Rigs for FM Sats including AO-51 (Echo) - Web Page Format

The text list just won't cut it anymore, so I have hacked together a web
page. The formatting is haywire, but the data is there.

Please have a look at: http://members.shaw.ca/ve7cla/FMSatRigs.html.

Please send me information on the rigs you know, and I'll update the
table. Also if there should be additional criteria or any changes let me

Once it is complete, perhaps it can be put on the AMSAT web site.

Amsat Member #29558

On Sat, 2004-07-10 at 13:25, Viktor Kudielka wrote:
> To be perfect, you should probably add the information about the
> options required.
> Thank you for your efforts.
> Vy 73, Viktor OE1VKW

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