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Feedline for patch and jumper cables

I know folks recommend low loss cable (Beldin 9913, LMR-400, hardline,
etc.) for feed line between the antenna and the shack.  What are folks
using in the shack for patch cables between equipment (coax switches,
SWR/power meters, radios, etc.)?

Is Beldin 9913 and LMR-400 recommended for this also?  I would expect
folks would want something a bit more flexible in the shack.

It looks like I can use the same compression N-connectors (Amphenol RFX
28-2002-RFX) that I would have used on the Beldin 8239 on the LMR-400. 
Is this this the case?

I'm looking to replace all my Beldin 8237 running to my satellite
antennas with LMR-400.  Anyone know of a good source?  I need two runs
of 50' with 30' for making patch cables for use in the shack.

-Freeman, N5FPP

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