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Re: Rigs for FM Sats including AO-51 (Echo)

Kenwood TH-D7 doesn't meet criterion 4.  You can only have 1 band in a 
memory channel.

Dave, W8AAS

On Jul 10, 2004, at 3:02 PM, Darrell Bellerive wrote:

> A list of criteria has been added. This is my best guess from what I
> have learnt so far. Please send me corrections.
> Also please check to make sure the rigs will meet all the criteria.
> Updated list as of July 10 18:30 UTC:
> Criteria:
> 1) Must be capable of tuning the satellite sub-bands:
>      2 metres: 144 to 146 MHz.
>      70 cm:    435 to 438 MHz.
> 2) Must be capable of transmitting sub-audible or CTCSS tones:
>      SO-50: 67.0 Hz and 74.4 Hz.
>      AO-51: 67.0 Hz.
>      All rigs on this list will transmit a tone in full duplex mode.
> 3) Full duplex. Able to receive during transmission. While not
>      absolutely necessary, full duplex is extremely desirable.
>      All rigs on this list will do full duplex.
> 4) Cross band memory storage. The ability to store frequencies from
>      different bands into a memory channel. While not absolutely
>      necessary, it makes tuning for Doppler frequency shifts much
>      easier.
>      All rigs on this list will allow cross band frequencies in
>      memory channels.
> 5) Power output from handhelds should be 5 watts. Some handhelds
>      will require 12 volt batteries or external power.

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