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Rigs for FM Sats including AO-51 (Echo)

A list of criteria has been added. This is my best guess from what I
have learnt so far. Please send me corrections.

Also please check to make sure the rigs will meet all the criteria.

Updated list as of July 10 18:30 UTC:

1) Must be capable of tuning the satellite sub-bands:
     2 metres: 144 to 146 MHz.
     70 cm:    435 to 438 MHz.
2) Must be capable of transmitting sub-audible or CTCSS tones:
     SO-50: 67.0 Hz and 74.4 Hz.
     AO-51: 67.0 Hz.
     All rigs on this list will transmit a tone in full duplex mode.
3) Full duplex. Able to receive during transmission. While not
     absolutely necessary, full duplex is extremely desirable.
     All rigs on this list will do full duplex.
4) Cross band memory storage. The ability to store frequencies from
     different bands into a memory channel. While not absolutely
     necessary, it makes tuning for Doppler frequency shifts much
     All rigs on this list will allow cross band frequencies in
     memory channels.
5) Power output from handhelds should be 5 watts. Some handhelds
     will require 12 volt batteries or external power.

Alinco DJ-G5T 
Alinco DJ-580T 12V battery pack EPB-28NH works better
Icom IC-24AT Not sensitive enough on 70 cm
Icom IC-W2A
Icom IC-W32
Kenwood TH-77
Kenwood TH-78 Full Duplex?
Kenwood TH-79(AD) Mod required to receive satellite sub-band
Kenwood TH-D7 Voice and digital modes
Standard C-568
Yaesu FT-470
Yaesu FT-530
Yaesu FT-50R Only some versions of firmware?
Yaesu FR-51R

Alinco DR605TQ
Icom IC-2710
Icom IC-2720
Icom IC-2728H
Icom IC-2800
Icom IC-3220
Kenwood TM-D700A Voice and digital modes
Kenwood TM-741
Kenwood TM-742
Kenwood TM-941
Kenwood TM-942
Kenwood TM-732 (two bands do not track)
Yaesu FT-847
Yaesu FT-5100
Yaesu FT-5200
Yaesu FT-4700
Yaesu FT-8000
Yaesu FT-8100
Yaesu FT-8500
Yaesu FT-8800
Yaesu FT-8900

Drake TR-270
Icom IC-820
Icom IC-821
Icom IC-910H
Icom IC-970
Kenwood TS-790
Yaesu FT-726 with satellite module
Yaesu FT-736
Yaesu FT-847

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