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Re: SO-50 67khz Tone

P. Thomas Gabel wrote:
> How do I get the 67khz tone in my new FT-847 for SO-50.

Just make sure it's set up in menu item 12 "tone-frq" before you store 
the channel in the satellite memory.  Don't forget to press 3 on the 
keypad ("tone") intil the ENC icon is on (and the DEC and DCS icons are 
off) before storing. CTCSS operation is covered on page 53 of the manual.

By the way, the "satellite memory registers" procedure on p 68 of my 
FT-847 manual is confusing. In step 4 it says "Press and hold in the 
[MCK/W] key momentarily...". I find "hold in...momentarily" to be 
confusing; I've struck out the words "and hold in" and it works fine; a 
momentary press is what's needed. If you hold it in you'll have to start 

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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