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Re: AO-51 :( what's going on?

> 3. coffee just make you twitch.

How much did you drink!? I was not thinking of the tanks I see students
bringing to univ. classes, but the small Dixie paper cups you get at work.

MMM. When coffee, sugar and milk are mixed in the right proportion, it takes the
drink beyond the bitter nut, the peanut, and the sweet nut part of the flavor
spectum to a flavor that I can only call 'Nirvana'. A flavor that takes you to
the daydream zone as soon as it hits your cold belly in the morning. The only
thing that makes a greasy spoon breakfast worth eating, the blood warmer before
an important day, a warm friend during a sit on the porch. No, no, it does not
make you twitch, it is the elixir of life.

But I digress...

The fellows with both the basics and the details are one and the same. Messrs.
Control Ops. Wether the tell you directly or through a another fellow, it is the
same - they are still writing a report to somebody, aren't they?


Blood banks are seriously short in certain blood types, so call your local
hospital or the Red Cross on Monday. Help my brother, the firefighter, save
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