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Re: FT-50 full duplex - was: Handheld for Echo and FMSats?

Mike Gilchrist wrote, <<and I inserted comments into>>:
> SQL     0       <<W0JT: Squelch wide open = 0>>
> TXPO    HI      <<W0JT: Tx Power Output Hi= 5 watts>>
> RPTR    DUP     This may be the key.  The upper right of the screen also 
>                   has a black -+  It won't let me change it either!  I
 >                   think because it contains a non-standard split.
    <<W0JT: Can't change because we're in split-freq mode, not the key!>>
> SHFT            Not changeable!
    <<W0JT: Not changeable due to split-freq mode, not repeater mode>>
> VDUP    Off       <<W0JT: Duplex VFO mode not needed, using a Memory>>
> RPTL    off      <<W0JT: Repeater Tracking, just alters LCD display>>
> RESM    5        <<W0JT: Scan Resume Mode, not relevant here>>
> SCNL    off      <<W0JT: Scan Lamp, not relevant here>>
> APO     off     Automatic Repeater Offset (may be critical)
    <<W0JT: this is actually Auto Power Off, so it is irrelevant here>>
> WSQL    0       Not changeable!
    <<W0JT: this is Wide FM Squelch, can't change because we're in N-FM>>
> AMOD    on        <<W0JT: Auto Rx mode, puts radio into N-FM mode>>
> RMOD    N-FM     <<W0JT: Rx Mode Override, not relevant here>>
> Try these settings and post back here your results.

I changed mine to match yours, and still no reception as soon as the PTT 
button is depressed.

I also checked with an earphone/microphone setup plugged into the 
speaker/mic jack, still no full-duplex operation obtained.

You also didn't mention menu item 05, which is ARS (Auto Repeater 
Shift).  I turned it Off, still no success.  Other than menu item 05, 
none of the other settings leapt off the page of the user manual and 
struck me as being the secret key to making this work.  So it remains a 
mystery to me.  Sounds like there's something "different" about Mike's 
FT-50r!  It might be interesting to see if "cloning" his radio into one 
that now does not work full-duplex, would give it the capability.

Other possibilities include the newer firmware in his radio, or perhaps 
an unexpected side effect of "unlocking" the band restrictions.  (Did 
you do the hardware jumper mod, the software mod, or the cloning cable 
"coitus interruptus" freeband mod, Mike?)

73 and happy experimenting.
John P. Toscano, W0JT
Amsat-NA Life Member 2292
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