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Full Duplex Rigs for FM Sats including AO-51 (Echo) - Updated July 1003:00 UTC

The list is growing!! Keep them coming.

Updated list as of July 10 03:00 UTC:

Alinco DJ-G5T 
Alinco DJ-580T 12V battery pack EPB-28NH works better
Icom IC-24AT Not sensitive enough on 70 cm
Icom IC-W2A
Icom IC-W32
Kenwood TH-77
Kenwood TH-78 Full Duplex?
Kenwood TH-79(AD) Mod required to receive satellite sub-band
Kenwood TH-D7 Voice and digital modes
Standard C-568
Yaesu FT-470
Yaesu FT-530
Yaesu FT-50R Only some versions of firmware?
Yaesu FR-51R

Alinco DR605TQ
Icom IC-2710
Icom IC-2720
Icom IC-2728H
Icom IC-2800
Icom IC-3220
Kenwood TM-D700A Voice and digital modes
Kenwood TM-741
Kenwood TM-742
Kenwood TM-941
Kenwood TM-942
Kenwood TM-732 (two bands do not track)
Yaesu FT-847
Yaesu FT-5100
Yaesu FT-5200
Yaesu FT-4700
Yaesu FT-8000
Yaesu FT-8100
Yaesu FT-8800
Yaesu FT-8500
Yaesu FT-8900

Drake TR-270
Icom IC-820
Icom IC-821
Icom IC-910H
Icom IC-970
Kenwood TS-790
Kenwood TS-2000
Yaesu FT-726 with satellite module
Yaesu FT-736
Yaesu FT-847

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